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15 April 2013 @ 02:16 am
WOW! FreeBSD is Testable?!?!  
So, yeah.. not sure how many people have been watching, but I've been making progress on making FreeBSD (FINALLY) testable, and this week has been good as far as breakthroughs are concerned.

  1. The ATF integration tests from NetBSD now all pass.

  2. ATF now "fully" supports FreeBSD (there was some missing support I accidentally overlooked before in the past dealing with memory requirement detection).

  3. The build now integrates in build/installation of tests (see TESTS_WITH_WORLD in Makefile.inc1 for more details).

  4. I have reintegrated all of the working tests I committed to p4 into the atf-tools-regression-convert branch.

  5. I ported the nmtree tests into the atf-tools-regression-convert branch.

  6. I'm working on converting over the rest of tools/regression/bin this coming week.

  7. I'm working on making pjdfstest work better with FreeBSD CURRENT (it fails in spots with UFS and ZFS... both as root and as non-root. Ugh) and eventually progress on with the port to OneFS.

If all goes well and I get commit support from Marcel (marcel) or Simon (sjg), hopefully items 1 and 2 will be available soon in head, along with some of the other bits from items 3-5 in the near future. It's nice to see that things are moving along again, and hopefully before BSDCan there will be something available which will others can grab and run with in order to add more tests to FreeBSD in a sane manner; documentation needs updating once I get wiki access again (note to self: don't kill off email addresses/aliases until you're absolutely sure you have everything converted over to the new addresses; heh). It will definitely be nice to do this before/during the next FreeBSD upgrade at Isilon, as the goal is to have opensource tests to verify changes before pushing them back upstream as the current status quo doesn't really work well when it comes to having sane regression tests.

For those interested, here's my git repository: https://github.com/yaneurabeya/freebsd.